3 Tips for Getting More Out of Your Next Vacation in Costa Ric

Browsing the available Costa Rica tour packages all inclusive can help you find great deals on your next vacation to the Central American country. As you plan your vacation, it’s important to consider that you’ll be visiting a region that’s different from the cultures you have experienced in the United States. Taking the time to learn a few important features about Costa Rica can help you avoid experiencing culture shock once you arrive.

Be Prepared to Spend

The good news about the economy of Costa Rica is that it relies heavily on tourism, and most businesses do accept U.S. dollars. However, you should dismiss any myths you have heard about Central American countries offering favorable exchange rates. You’ll spend about the same in Costa Rica as you would spend in any U.S. city. You’ll only find drastically lower prices if you were to visit poorer countries, such as Nicaragua.

You Can Drink the Water

The tap water in Costa Rica is safe to drink and, in many regions, the water is drawn from mountain springs. If you have a sensitive stomach and normally drink filtered water at home, you should bring a tap filter with you. Otherwise, you can drink the tap water freely throughout your vacation.

Don’t Avoid the Rainy Season

You can save a little extra on your Costa Rica tour packages all inclusive if you choose to take your vacation during the rainy season. While this might sound unattractive, there will still be plenty for you to do. It won’t rain all of the time, so you’ll still have opportunities to enjoy the sun. When it does rain, you’ll find that to be the best time to see whales, tortoises, and other types of wildlife in the region.

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