What Makes A Lake Cumberland Marina Great?

by | May 26, 2015 | Vacation Travel

All marinas are not the same. They differ in size, what they offer and, of course, quality of service and products. What makes a Lake Cumberland Marina great? It may differ from one person to the next. Generally, however, most individuals agree on certain criteria. They all want many of the same services and expect them to be delivers in a specific way. Those who cannot will not have any great degree of success.

Products and Services

If it wants to be successful, a Lake Cumberland marina must offer a variety of services. Some professionals believe that the more a marina offers, the greater a chance it has of attracting customers and clients. Not only that, they will return with regularity. Therefore, it is not simply enough to be a marina that rents, sells and repairs water craft. At a Lake Cumberland marina such as Lees Ford and Marina, a variety of products and services are available. A marina should consider providing any or all of the following:

* Slip rentals – for all types of watercraft
* Ship store – that features not only boating accessories but fashionable clothing and accessories
* Snack Bar
* Full serve Restaurant
* Lodging

In addition, there should be showers for those who dock and rent a slip. For those who live there or are just passing through, the holding of special events is a draw. It also sets a great Lake Cumberland marina from a lesser one.

Customer Service And Hospitality

Yet, no matter what a Cumberland Lake marina has to offer, it can be all for nothing if it lacks that essential ingredient – great customer service. It is important to not only deliver all the services promised, but to do so in a friendly and hospitable manner. Experts on the subject acknowledge this. They state that no matter how modern your facilities or how extensive the products you have to offer, if they are not delivered in the right manner, clients will not return. In other words, if you want to have all the boaters, their family, guests and any casual visitors to return, you have to provide them with exacting customer service.

Staffing a Lake Cumberland Marina

Part of keeping your customers happy is to ensure the staff is hospitable. They naturally need to be well-trained but if they are unable to deal appropriately with the customers they serve, it will cause issues to arise. If you run a marina, make sure the staff you hire is able to handle their role as information provider, skilled employee, guest greeter and general ambassador for the marina. If you take to heart all these aspects, you will have the best Lake Cumberland marina around.

At Lee’s Ford Marina, we operate one of the region’s most popular facilities. At our Lake Cumberland Marina, you can talk to the local experts there. They will provide you with current knowledge on where you can find the best fishing spots. At the same time, you can rent a boat, buy supplies for your houseboat or cabin or even reserve a spot in our dining facilities.