Reasons to Consider Sistine Chapel Tours

If you choose to take a trip to Rome, you can’t leave without visiting the Sistine Chapel. It’s a fantastic place full of mystery and marvel. However, going alone may not be the best option because you are likely going to be herded through without getting to see everything or understand what you see. Sistine Chapel tours are essential because you get a trained guide that knows all the intricacies of the works. You can find Michelangelo’s masterpiece and learn about its significance.

Small Groups

It’s not easy when you’re in a group of 50 or more, but most touring companies have small groups of about 25. If you want a smaller group, you can choose a semi-private tour. Likewise, they should also have private tours, so you only experience the place with those you brought along for the trip.


While some touring companies do vary, most of them offer a three-hour tour, which gives you and your group plenty of time to marvel at the beauty. Most of the tours include some of the Vatican Museums, as well as St. Peter’s Basilica.

Depending on the one you choose, you may have a particular meeting time. Some of the tours are available every three hours during their operation.


Most touring companies allow you to add on particular extras, such as the Pinacoteca or the Raphael Rooms. However, it may not be available with every tour and guide, so it’s best to view this information online and know what you’re getting before you arrive in the city.

Skip the Line

Most of the attractions in Rome have lines, requiring you to wait to see what you want. However, when you’re on a guided tour, you get to skip those lines and see things immediately, which saves a lot of time.

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