The Benefits Of Taking The BC Ferry From Vancouver To Victoria

If you plan to take a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, be sure to check out the BC ferry schedule for the dates in question. This will provide you with the basics you need to make certain transportation arrangements for your trip. While it is possible to fly over, you should consider the benefits you can obtain from taking the ferry.


When you step on board a BC ferry, you are entering another world. Cruising through the Strait of Georgia on one of the well-equipped BC ferries has a tendency to make you glad you are alive. Sailing over the water in this fashion is truly beneficial in several ways:

  • Fresh Air: Stand out on the deck and breathe in the fresh air – often accompanied by the salty tinge of the strait’s spray
  • Scenery: Enjoy the scenic view from inside or, better still, on the ferry’s deck. Join others as they see the world differently – some for the very first time; others seeing the beauties of nature anew
  • Marine Life: On the trip from Vancouver to Victoria and vice versa, depending upon the season and the weather, you may glimpse various forms of marine life. Look around you. You just might catch a pod of dolphins or whales. Sea lions also frequent the route the BC Ferry schedule takes you

Do not forget to pack your camera or other devices – ready to snap a photo of any marine life, the waters of the Strait, the deep blue sky or even fellow travelers.

Check the BC Ferry Schedule

The trip from Vancouver to Victoria can be romantic. It can be exhilarating. It can be invigorating. However, before you embrace the experience, make sure you do a couple of things first:

1. Purchase a ticket
2. Check the BC ferry schedule

By doing these two things, and rechecking on the actual day of the trip, you can be more certain everything is a go.

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