Tandem bikes are fast and a lot of fun

Tandem bike rental in NYC gives everyone an opportunity to do something that few bike riders can do; make people smile. There is something magic about a tandem bike over and above the fact that they are fun and fast.

A tandem bike takes an understanding between the Pilot; the rider up front and the Stoker who is the rider at the back. The Pilot is responsible for the ride; he or she decides where the bike is going and is in control of the brakes and the gear changes. The Pilot must communicate well with the Stoker; otherwise it won’t work as it should.

The Stoker has to trust the Pilot completely; the Stokers job is to add power, sing and take lots of photos of the sights of New York City.

Who should be the Pilot and who should be the Stoker? Most of the time this decision is based on strength and experience riding a tandem bike but it isn’t always mandatory to have the powerful rider up front, this is especially true if you have picked up a tandem bike rental in NYC and your trip does not include long miles of open road.

A tandem bike is an attention grabber:

One of the nice things about riding a bike around Manhattan is the fact that it is easier to interact with people; one of the nice things about a tandem bike rental in NYC is the people want to interact with you. If there was ever a “vehicle” that grabs someone’s attention and starts conversations it is definitely a tandem bike. There are a lot of other neat things about riding tandem as well:

  • It’s faster

  • You don’t have to shout at your riding buddy, and

  • Funny enough, because everybody is looking at you, you are first to leave when the light turns green

Whatever you do, when you rent a tandem bike in NYC, have fun. It is a delightful way to spend the day with a friend or loved one and a great way to meet New Yorkers.For more information visit Hudson River Sightseeing Bike Rentals and Tours.

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