The Reasons Behind Fear Of Turbulence

If you are like most people who have flown in the past, you probably remember a time when you were cruising along at altitude, enjoying your flight, when all of a sudden you felt those alarming vibrations and sudden upward, downward and sideways movements of plane.

If the experience was bothersome to you, you might have a real fear of turbulence every time you get on a plane. Many of our clients find themselves scanning the weather reports between where they are leaving and where they are arriving to see if there are any possible storms in the area.

In reality, turbulence is really no more of an issue than the buffeting of wind your car takes when you are going down the highway. It is just that when you are driving, or a passenger in a car, it is a familiar experience and one you just chalk up to the reality of being on the road.

The Crew’s Perspective

While you may have a fear of turbulence because in your mind turbulence equals an increased risk for the plane, the crew has a totally different perspective. They know the way the plane is designed to accommodate for wind or air pockets, and they see turbulence as more of a nuisance and an inconvenience than a risk.

Often during a time of turbulence food and beverage services will be suspended, and you may even notice the cabin attendants return to their seats. This is strictly for safety reasons and not because of any possibility of an impending problem or serious issue with the flight.

Our Perspective

As pilots, we experienced turbulence too, but we also recognize that people unfamiliar to flight may see this as a much larger concern than it is. Today, with navigation systems and advanced warning of weather issues, we do all we can to minimize the possible causes of turbulence, providing our passengers with a pleasant and eventless ride.

If you experience a fear of turbulence causing in a discomfort in flying, sensitivity in the air, or any other types of fears related to being on an aircraft, we can help. Our licensed pilots will walk you through both the causes of turbulence as well as how modern aircraft are designed to accommodate what Mother Nature may throw in our path.

Through education and Business Name our pilots will work with you to easy your concerns and understand what is happening, and how the crew has the situation under control.

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