Mount Kilimanjaro Helpful Information for Lemosho Route Climbers

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Travel

There are choices for Mount Kilimanjaro routes for climbers and one of the popular classic routes is the Lemosho route.  Read on for some helpful information for those planning to climb a Mt. Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route or any other Mount Kilamanjaro route in some cases, too.

Not only is Lemosho the route many choose for success rate but it’s considered excellent for scenery as well as variating ranges for trekking.

Most Lemosho routes are 7 or 8 days, on average. The 7AG Lemosho Route, for instance, has a 92% success rate of climbers achieving the goal of completion. Different routes may be suited to your needs, depending on your health, mobility, and experience levels. Be sure to talk things over with skilled tour operators familiar with all routes on Kili for the best possible outcome.

Many who complete Lemosho opt to go on a safari after the fact. Time between the climb and the safari at a relaxing lodge it typically highly recommended.

Tour Operators Make a Difference

Some tour operators offer a multitude of benefits in addition to accompanying you and carrying gear on your Lemosho route. Safety items, communications equipment, supplying your loved ones with updates on your itinerary, and other pluses come with some tour operators.  When you seek a tour operator for your Lemosho route climb at Mount Kilimanjaro, look at a few different options so you can find the tour operator who has a great reputation, established presence in the tour operator industry for Tanzania, and ensure you work with someone who makes you feel comfortable that they are the ideal choice based on pricing, value add, and reputation as a whole.

Summit Success

Summit success depends on a variety of factors, including the individual’s fortitude, health, and their gear, which can dramatically impact or impede your abilities. Research before your Lemosho route climb is important. Books, articles, and videos can be very helpful in helping you plan physically, helping you plan for the right gear, and helping you gear up mentally as well.