Fun & Exciting Things to Do in Dan Diego

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Travel

North Park is located on the northeast side of Balboa Park and is considered one of San Diego’s finest up and coming vicinities. Many people are saying that it has a very hipster vibe, yet I think it is more of a fanciful spot that has a wide-ranging selection of experiences for a person to enjoy. Here are just a few things to do in San Diego that if you are in the area, you will definitely want to check out.

City Tacos – that is located at 3028 University Avenue is a cheap, as well as very good place to sit and have lunch. This particular restaurant has many choices of tacos to choose from and they only cost $3.50. The selection ranges from a shrimp taco to a spectacular bacon bit and scallop taco.

Belching Beaver Brewery – This brewery has risen to the top at a very fast pace within the San Diego area and is the home to a very popular stout called Peanut Butter Milk.  This Brewery is located at 4223 30th Street.

Coin-Op – If you are a younger crowd, or just want to feel younger check out this local favorite that serves up many varieties of craft beers, as well as some amazing snacks such as maple popcorn and deep fried Oreos. On top of all that, they also house about a dozen of those old time arcade machines that actually take quarters. Coin-Op is located at 3926 30th Street.

Chop Suey – This amazing Chinese restaurant has been a major staple within the area for more than 80 years due to the fact that they serve up some truly amazing Chinese food. Everything that you find within this restaurant is truly top notch from the relaxing atmosphere to any of the dishes that are served. Chop Suey is located at 2877 University Avenue.

Holsom Coffee –  Within the area, you will find many coffee shops, but this amazing coffee shop caters to you if you are a person that likes something just a bit different.  They have a wide selection of cold brew mixtures such as homemade banana milk and ginger snaps. This little inviting coffee shop is located at 2911 University Avenue.

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