6 Ways to Surprise Your Partner with a Romantic Getaway

Not all of us have exceptional planning skills. Not to worry, though. If you want to surprise your partner, here are a few tips to help you stay sane while you do your best to set up a surprise romantic getaway.

Don’t call it a romantic getaway

You’ll probably start with a bit of research. If you plan on creating an FB thread about the surprise, don’t call it a surprise. If those notifications pop up while your partner is viewing your screen or borrowing your phone, you could spoil it.

Look for a package

A demanding schedule and a boatload of deadlines don’t leave you with much time to plan. Good thing there are plenty of tour agencies around. Check out their promotional offers especially for a romantic getaway in Las Vegas. That’s one way to eliminate the stress and hassle of planning the trip.

Read the reviews

Before you pick a tour package or agency, read the reviews. Get an idea about what other customers are saying to help you decide whether to hire the firm or look elsewhere.

Know what your partner wants

It can be tough to pick which romantic getaway in Las Vegas will hit the mark for your partner. But think long and hard about what your sweetheart likes. That should give you more than enough clues to help you decide.

Book ahead

Popular tour packages often sell out faster. You’ll have better luck booking the package you want if you book ahead of time. If you do it too close to your trip dates, you may end up settling for something else.

Pick excellent accommodations

If you’re there to spend time with your partner, then pick a package that offers excellent accommodations, the Conde Nast Traveler suggests. Hole up all day in your bathroom in the hotel and enjoy yourselves thoroughly in charming, comfortable or luxe surroundings.

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